Penubuhan SASEROBA

Pertubuhan ini lahir secara rasminya pada 11 Oktober 2016 iaitu 14 tahun selepas tamatnya pembelajaran kumpulan pertama pelajar SASER

Pelantikan Jawatankuasa Pro-tem

Satu jawatankuasa Pro Tem telah ditubuhkan bagi merancana organisasi SASEROBA secara lebih spesifik dan teratur

Pelaksanaan AGM Saseroba

Pada 21 Januari 2017, Annual General Meeting SASEROBA yang pertama telah diadakan. Sebuah Jawatankuasa kekal telah dilantik bagi menjalankan kerja kerja berkaitan Saseroba untuk penggal pertama

Our hopes for SASEROBA

Assalamualaikum and a warm welcome to all SASER Old Boys,

First and foremost, on behalf of the 2019/20 committee, I would like to thank all of you for believing in us, henceforth giving us the chance to transform Pertubuhan SASEROBA Malaysia into a respectable alumni body. We will act as a platform to strengthen the bond between SASER Old Boys in any forms of activities. Apart from that, it gives the Old Boys a chance to contribute something back to our school, SM Sains Tuanku Munawir or also formerly known as SM Sains Seremban in any forms depending on each individual’s capabilities. As the saying goes, No matter where life takes you, never forget where you come from. Hence, we will do our very best to preserve the school’s history in our heart and soul until the last days.

Many activities are progressing under SASEROBA that can be ventured into, such as, football, rugby, basketball and much more. As the years past by, I wish more activities can be done; and not only in-term of sports, but also general events, such as debate, mentor-mentee program, forum, etc. The importance of these activities is to attract more Old Boys to join our association. I have always reminded my committees’ brethren to never be discouraged by the number of turnouts because with consistency activities, slowly it will attract more members.

My main focus for this first few years is to create togetherness among Old Boys. Vesta M. Kelly once said, “Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together”. I hope newcomers and old-timers alike to join us in our welcoming family and grow together as brothers.


-Amir bin Kamal Hamidon, 2nd President of SASEROBA.