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Pertubuhan ini lahir secara rasminya pada 11 Oktober 2016 iaitu 14 tahun selepas tamatnya pembelajaran kumpulan pertama pelajar SASER
Jawatankuasa Pro-tem

Jawatankuasa Pro-tem

Satu jawatankuasa Pro Tem telah ditubuhkan bagi merancana organisasi SASEROBA secara lebih spesifik dan teratur
AGM Saseroba

AGM Saseroba

Pada 21 Januari 2017, Annual General Meeting SASEROBA yang pertama telah diadakan. Sebuah Jawatankuasa kekal telah dilantik bagi menjalankan kerja kerja berkaitan Saseroba untuk penggal pertama

Our hopes for SASEROBA,


Assalamualaikum and a warm welcome to all Old Boys,
I would like to thank all of you for giving your support in our collective effort to re-establish this association named SASEROBA. Our main objective is for the committee to unite all Alumni/Old Boys of SASER and to provide a platform for us to give something back to the school.

Our own Legacy and Culture
One of our short-term goals is to create our own image and to preserve the legacy and tradition of our school, be it in academic or in other various aspects. As a product of SASER, SASEROBA acts as a platform for the alumni to interact with our teachers and also to contribute to our beloved alma mater, SMS Tuanku Munawir, or was fondly known as SM Sains Seremban (SASER).

Keeping up the momentum
I hope that SASEROBA can progress actively and maintain its momentum as an active association from time to time and attract more Old Boys and ex-students to join our association. This can be achieved by organizing various events such as rugby, football and futsal matches and also arranging a meeting to discuss the current issues. Constant face-time and informal hang-out sessions are also great to create a stronger bond amongst the alumni members. Even though these events might be a small event and did not involve all Old Boys, but from this kind of event, the unity among the alumni can be inculcated. 

A solid foundation
In every beginning of an association, a solid foundation plays a very important role to ensure a better future of an association. The establishment of the pro tem committee in the first meeting is to design a solid foundation for SASEROBA towards a better organization in the future. Our first primary target for the pro tem committee is to register SASEROBA as an official organisation under the Registrar of Society (ROS) Malaysia, and to organize our first Annual General Meeting (AGM).

These are our hopes for SASEROBA and we hope that, as a team and as a collective effort – all these goals can be achieved even though it may take time. 

– Haafiz Nordin, President Saseroba

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