Crushed, Devastated, Heartbroken, knowing that even after I have poured my heart and soul for this team, I was not competent enough as a basketball coach to lead this group of talented players to champion.

MCKK still reigned supreme, beating us SASEROBA BASKETBALL CLUB in the final.

Everyone’s saying we will get back stronger, but that is too cliché for my taste. The real question is, how much work are we willing to put in to be on top? To get back what is ours?

Thank you for everyone who come to support us at the courtside week in and week out.

Thank you to Cikgu Salhalida Abd Kudus for your never-ending support.

Special thanks to the Third Batch especially for sponsoring our tournament’s fee.

Thank you to all anonymous sponsors for our 100 plus, dinners & mineral waters.

I am happy with what we have accomplished this season. It is bigger than basketball. Our brotherhood getting stronger than ever!

We are excited for the 17 years old talents to finish SPm and joining our team! And we can see that our school talents improving vastly this year. I hope everyone, the alumni will help SASER to reach HKSBP KEBANGSAAN in 2020 and also supporting us SASEROBA to become champion again in 2020!

WE ARE HUNGRIER THAN EVER! Let’s start to work early! As early as November 2019! SASER ON 3, 2, 1!!!! LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Sam Syamsul Azhar
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