On the 10 th of Feb 2018, SASEROBA and a team led by Nazmi Zaini of Valedictory (8 th Batch), organised the first ever alumni dinner for the SASEROBA. A legacy transcending 15 and counting generations (or batches), it was one of many efforts in gathering the collective effort and presence of the princes of SASER.

A picturesque 5-star hotel smack in the centre of KL and KLIA, Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya was chosen as the venue that would grace at least 300 SASER Old Boys taking the opportunity to meet friends whom they had not met in ages, some for even 15 years or so. Time had changed many of them. Some had already started a family, some had an illustrious career set up, and some were pursuing further studies. But they all had one thing in common, the values instilled in SASER that kept them strong these many years.

The night kicked off with prayer recitals and friends catching up with others at their tables. Speeches by the organiser (Nazmi Zaini) as well as the VIP (Yang Berhormat Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture) carried the night along. YB Mas Ermieyati being a fellow SBP-ian from one of our traditional foes (STF), realised the potential SASEROBA had and urged it to continue its steadfast path to achieve greats parallel with the school’s excellent achievement.

The night reached its climax during the next speech, by president, Haafiz Noordin of Catalyst (4 th Batch) who emphasised further the ideas and aspirations expressed by the VIP as well as launched the SASEROBA official website that gave visitors an opportunity to be kept up to date on the latest offerings from SASER as well as SASEROBA. From news articles and reports curated by fellow SASEROBA-ians to a merchandise store online, as well as a monthly update from the president himself, it was another step in the establishment of SASEROBA as a household name as well.

Of course, the meal provided was top-notch as well, worthy of the reputation of a 5-star hotel and worthy of the consumers. Performances by current students added a more relaxed atmosphere in a buzzing room of excited alumni members conversing rapidly. The night was capped off with a bunch of photo taking sessions to capture the memory of the night. Hoardes took to the stage (before being suggested to stay below the stage as the mass number couldn’t be caught on a single frame from below the stage) before snapshots were taken to be kept as a memento of greater things yet to come. For many, the night didn’t end there as many spent some more time with fellow friends.
Valedictorians for an example took to a nearby mamak to spend some more time together (until 2am or so), while RakSASERs booked a homestay to further strengthen their bonds.

In summary, this banquet of sorts was pivotal in the next step of SASEROBA, as well as providing the platform for many to meet up again after ages. As a visitor, I can’t wait to see what will happen next time. As a SASEROBA-ian, I can’t help but to feel an immense sense of pride in the efforts shown by the organising committee as well as fellow students in encouraging fellow friends to also take part in this event.

  • Jaiyogesh (Batch 8)
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